In recent years many international events have been held in different countries around Europe and the world and the large numbers of visitors have demonstrated a strong public interest in this fascinating artistic discipline.

These events bring together international sand sculptors from different countries to compete in competitions or work together as a team to create large scale sand sculptures. The public have the opportunity to see the artists at work during the making of the sculptures, which are then preserved for a period of time in which they remain open for the public to admire.

Sand sculpture events often have themes related to local culture, and give a unique opportunity to promote tourism and commerce by attracting people and media attention to aspects of local history, territory and economy in an origianal and elegant way. Past events have captured the imagination of visitors with tales of historical events, mythical adventures and stories of modern culture, as well as presenting individual works of art by successful contemporary artists to create a momentary art gallery in a previously empty space.

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