Sand sculpture is a relatively new art form that in the last few years has experienced huge growth in it’s popularity and media exposure. Being an ephemeral form of art it has found unique ways of presenting itself to the public and tried and tested methods of the conservation of the sculptures has led to the world wide use of sand sculpture as a way to attract public interest and help already established events add a unique touch of originality to their existing list of attractions.

The flexibility and short realization time needed to create sand sculptures has led to a wide variety of applications from international competitions, team building exercises, demonstration sculptures, up to large scale international sand sculpting festivals that attract tens of thousands of visitors.

If you think sand sculptures could help you to enhance an already existing event, or are just looking to commission the building of a sand sculpture, we can surely help. With 12 years of international sand sculpting experience and a professional view of the sand sculpting business we are able to offer the best solutions for your needs.
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